Airport security past and post 911 essay

For example, "In May[Department of Transportation Inspector General] agents used fictitious law enforcement badges and credentials to gain access to secure areas, bypass security checkpoints at two airports, and walk unescorted to aircraft departure gates" Dillingham,p.

Safety should always outrank modesty regardless of a person's religious beliefs. Biography of the authors Alycia B. Accounting for the added time to screen for banned items and possible enhanced security now requires travelers to get to the airport hours earlier than they did before Sept.

Before the terrorist attacks any person was allowed to see their loved one to the gate and watch the plane depart. During HBS the density of baggage is tested as well as additional testing for trace amounts of chemicals.

This subjects employees to unpredictable security screenings at entry points within airport restricted areas, the screening process is similar to that of the passenger screening, and also includes an Identification check. The men boarded an American flight to Washington, DC.

In Canada the response was similar, however not as fully extended as in the United States. Again, the alternative is a full pat-down and no full body screening. If and when the system is implemented, it will have extensive systems integration impacts that will require integration of airline common use erminal equipment host computers, bag handling equipment, airport security systems and explosives detection systems.

The access control of the airports was not as secure as the government had intended them to be. Those short-term affects were to happen within the first year of implementation. In the years following, the agency has installed more advanced technologies, such as the full-body scanner. The program includes cards with built-in microchips to store biometric information of fingerprint and iris scanner templates.

Airport Security, Past and Post 9/11 Essay

A prime example of this issue was in England, at the Manchester Airport. The Arizona Daily Star. Some things we don't even think much about. Law enforcement struggles to act as a prophylaxis to crime.

This methodology utilizes a passenger profiling database containing certain passenger criteria to classify luggage for screening, thereby eliminating the need to scan all bags with high-tech screening equipment.

This Is What It Was Like To Go To The Airport Before 9/11

And Logan had failed to install security cameras at the checkpoint, so an image of Atta and his May 11 visit was never taken. World Sep 14, 4: As well as the main goal of airport security of keeping a safe and problem free environment, security also includes Emergency Response Services ERS.

He took his seat in business class on American Airlines Flight 11 unimpeded. Transportation plays an important role in a community both socially and economically.

Several passengers have filed complaints in regards to their privacy issues.

Airport Security: the Post 9/11 Age

Read that story here. At the Pentagon there were casualties confirmed making both a grave reminder that security measures must not be ignored Kilroy,4. Stage one utilizes more conventional high-speed x-ray scanners to look inside luggage and parcels.

The key points to remember are, "the officer attending the passenger cannot view the image, and the officer viewing the image is remotely located and cannot see the passenger.

Retrieved on December 1, from the World Wide Web:Sep 11,  · The law gave the federal government direct responsibility for all airport screenings, a job that airports had previously outsourced to private security companies. Airport Security after 9/11 essaysSince the creations of airports, airport and in-flight security have been issues of serious concern for the United States Government, and governments around the world.

The Government, which has turned to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to secure airports. Free airport security papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over - The world is living in a post 9/11 era. Since that September day, security measures have heightened and extra precautions are in place to prevent something of that nature from happening again.

9/11 to now: Ways we have changed

this allowed for terrorists to get past. Essay about Airport Security, Past and Post 9/11 political climate worldwide has airport security slowly morphed through the rulings of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

However the attacks of September 11th had changed airport security vastly in the matter of days. Security measures begin long before you arrive at the airport. TSA works closely with the intelligence and law enforcement communities to share information.

Additional security measures are in place from the time you get to the airport until you get to your destination. Only from incidences of air piracy, terrorism, and changes in the social and political climate worldwide has airport security slowly morphed through the rulings of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

However the attacks of September 11th had changed airport security vastly in the matter.

Airport security past and post 911 essay
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