An argument in opposition of gun controls

If we are side-tracked in pursuing videogame and movie violence, we will likely miss the very simple solution to our real-life violence problem: Gun rights activists also oppose the fact that certain regulations already in place are not doing their intended purpose of limiting and decreasing crime and violence.

The citizens have a right to arm themselves to protect themselves and preserve democracy from such an event if it were to occur. There are very specific laws concerning what kind, sex, and how many animals one may hunt in certain areas.

Any subsequent military invasion—probably armed with AK variants—would find it very easy to overrun civilians armed only with lever, bolt, and pump action weapons. Gun control advocates constantly counter this argument by posing the idea that bearing arms in name of citizen-armed militias is outdated, and simply, not applicable today.

10 Arguments Against Gun Control

This [rationing] has got to be imposed on people whether they like it or not. Furthermore, if gun owners registered their weapons, it would more adequately provide law enforcement the necessary information to keep track of firearm purchases and make sure that all sales are legal.

Yes, their firearm-related crime went down, but their violent crimes, to include sexual assault, kidnapping, manslaughter, and robbery, have all stayed the same or increased.

However, the comparison is used An argument in opposition of gun controls show that gun control does not prevent gun violence. In households with firearms, domestic violence is both more prevalent than in houses without weapons, and has a much higher likelihood of resulting in violent deaths.

10 Arguments for Gun Control

By stopping the flood of guns into our society, it will become harder to replace these guns and criminals will eventually have a hard time obtaining clean weapons. Millions of dollars were used for the creation of the National Instant Check System used to verify the eligibility of individuals purchasing firearms.

Domestic violence is far more likely to result in death or serious injury when guns are present in a household; abuse is likely to involve guns and it is much more likely to escalate into serious physical harm.

To quote Fox host Chris Wallace on this attack: Before anybody is able to buy a gun, they should be required to get firearms training, become certified through a state licensing process, get insurance for potential damages that their weapons may inflict, and register each and every one of their weapons with the state.

A lack of controls on guns may allow a woman to buy weapons for self-defense, but it also allows criminals to access said weapons—there is no exclusivity which guarantees that the women will be able to obtain a powerful weapon yet prevents the criminals from buying the very same weapons.

It is true that many small clips can replace a larger feeding mechanism, but it is inarguable that this method of ammo supply is less efficient.

Greg Jones is a conservative blogger and writer. A solution based in passing hundreds of state laws is ineffective, as many state political organizations will never pass any sane gun laws.

The United States is a progressive place and the population make up is continually changing. Not only will a gun ban not work, it will ensure that the only people with guns are criminals. The issue of gun control is global, but since it is most controversial in the United States of America, that nation is referred to most in the following entries.

When combined with the many, easily accessible, firearms, this reduction in police coverage creates a dangerous situation where police are unable to protect everybody. This would not be the same for a man in New Jersey, where the population density is the lowest of all fifty states.

State militias had the right to bear arms, but individual, unattached Americans had no such right—this distinction in the difference between the 2ndAmendment being a collective right or an individual right.

This means the teachers, janitors, groundskeepers, and secretaries all have guns on their person. The right to bear arms has proven to be somewhat of a thorn in the side of the gun control debate for both sides, but particular those who favor gun control.

The US has the highest gun ownership rate in the world- there are 89 guns for every Americans, compared to 6 in England and Wales… And the murder figures themselves are astounding for Brits, used to around murders per year. More so, criminals already do not comply with the implemented laws, so it would serve logic that would not adhere to any more restrictive or new laws.

The next time somebody argues that magazine size is irrelevant, then simply point out this logical fallacy in their argument: Aroundautomatic and semi-automatic weapons were destroyed and a whole raft of checks and controls brought in. But what better way to honor their precious little lives than creating new legislation, the American way that prevents this from happening, hopefully ever again.

In northern cities that have strong gun laws ex.

Arguments For and Against Gun Control

High-Capacity Magazines Should Be Banned In addition to trying to ban guns, anti-gunners also try to vilify another inanimate object: If everyone was armed, no mass shooter would stand a chance, right? Hood, and Virginia Tech did not use rifles. The example of a single women with an assault rifle holding off a group of attackers that has been presented by some proponents of this argument just falls apart when one realizes that nothing prevents the attackers from coming armed with assault rifles.

Two weeks later, the conservative Prime Minister, John Howard, launched perhaps the most aggressive clamp-down on gun ownership in history. If a California man accidentally fires his gun in his yard and kills his neighbor, it is homicide by firearm.

By naming the two examples of developed countries that defy the correlation between violence and gun ownership, gun enthusiasts try to disprove this well-established trend.Apr 21,  · This support for gun control, by the way, is pretty bipartisan: even with controversial stuff like reinstating the assault weapons ban, roughly half of Republicans are in favor, along with a majority of Democrats and Independents.

In other words, people are largely pro-gun control—it’s the. Dec 21,  · Arguments For and Against Gun Control. Updated on June 7, Britney. more.

Contact Author. I am not for gun control but I take certain arguments and process them to see if there's middle ground. AUTHOR. then I'm more willing to open up towards the opposite position. It's the same thing as my own gun story.

I was Reviews: Gun control laws and lower gun ownership rates do not prevent suicides. Lithuania has one of the world's lowest gun ownership rates ( guns per people) but its suicide rate (by any method) was perpeople inthe highest suicide rate among 71 countries with available information. Contrary to the anti-gun control talking point, Hitler passed a law which reduced the gun laws in Germany in This deregulation, not increase in gun controls, is the signature gun control change which gun enthusiasts have latched onto in calling Hitler anti-gun.

Ten powerful arguments against “gun control” Shooters will get access to a gun, even with strict gun laws in place. Ina German high school student went on a rampage and killed 15 people.

He did not have a gun.

10 Arguments for Gun Control

He used his father’s 9 mm. Even in a country with strict gun.

Many of the arguments presented in opposition to gun control revolve around crime and the deterrent use of firearms against criminals.

And there is that "practical-slant" argument path.

An argument in opposition of gun controls
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