An observation and analysis of the aerobic cellular respiration process and the effects of temperatu

Eight replicates were measured per treatment. Injection of O2 or N2 made it possible, respectively, to increase or decrease the O2 concentration in the bioreactor and, hence, to measure the O2 uptake rate at different O2 concentrations or to measure the O2 uptake rate repeatedly at the same O2 concentration.

The rate of respiration of germinating and non-germinating peas in this experiment was determined by the consumption of oxygen. The most beneficial catabolic pathway in an organism is cellular respiration, in which oxygen and glucose are consumed and where carbon and water become the waste products.

Carbon Dioxide Concentration of the Atmosphere: Oxygen Concentration of the Atmosphere: Our hypothesis was that as germinating peas would respire more than non-germinating peas.

Effects of Temperature on Cell Respiration. (B4-1)

Remove seeds and place on a paper towel. Any CO2 produced is immediately converted from a gas to a solid and is therefore no longer governed by gas laws. The control group is respirometer three from both temperatures that consists of only glass beads. There are two related models that have been suggested to account for the deficiencies in the classical model.

In considering first the effect of oxygen concentration in gas mixtures at N. This process is called cellular respiration which requires nutrient molecules and oxygen. Model structure Michaelis—Menten kinetics are widely used to describe the relationship between the O2 concentration and the O2 consumption rate: The temperature was controlled with a waterjacket.

The protoplast suspension was preferred above measurements on mitochondria for several reasons. This observation serves to point out the importance of the local environment around a protein, and is a cautionary tale for both membrane-embedded proteins and for cytosolic proteins alike.

For example, multiple studies have documented correlations between aerobic metabolic functions and gradients of latitude and altitude Angilletta et al. The MTE extended these ideas across levels of biological organization from that of the individual to that of populations, communities and ecosystems.

How is respiration rate affected by temperature? The ideal gas law and its concepts are reviewed and applied. KOH removed the carbon dioxide and oxygen was used by cellular respiration thus decreasing the gas in the respirometer. Alternatively, there may be functional trade-offs associated with maintaining both stability and flexibility that are not fully captured in the laboratory evolution experiments.

Supply of Oxidisable Food: A possible explanation is that de Wild et al. The nonabsorbent cotton will prevent the KOH solution from contacting the peas. The first step was to germinate pea seeds. Wounding or injury almost invariably results in an increase in the rate of respiration.

Due to the inclusion of gas diffusion properties, the Michaelis—Menten constant for intact pears 2. As the volume of gas decreases, water will move into the pipet. This was because glass beads are not living, thus the explanation for no respiration.

They can be isolated easily and their viability can be assessed microscopically.

Effects of Temperature on Cell Respiration. (B4-1)

If your respirometers float, you may need to weight them. A recent meta-analysis of the upwards slope of TPCs for enzymes from bacteria adapted to cold, moderate and high temperatures failed to find any consistent relationship between these slopes and habitat temperature Elias et al.

Similarly, the empirical data comparing stenotherms and eurytherms have sometimes e. The hypothesis of this lab states that if the peas are germinated then the rate of cellular respiration will be higher in both room temperature and cold temperature.

After the addition of the reaction medium and the protoplasts, the headspace in the bioreactor was reduced with a screw top.

Factors Affecting the Rate of Aerobic Respiration: 10 Factors

Membrane properties such as fluidity are strongly affected by temperature Cossins, ; Hazel, and these changes in membrane fluidity can have direct effects on the activity of membrane-embedded proteins Somero, As cellular respiration occurs, more oxygen is consumed, with more oxygen being consumed (high rate of aerobic respiration) by the unboiled germinating seeds compared to the boiled seeds which virtually respired (lower rate of oxygen consumption compared to unboiled peas).

Aug 15,  · The large and rapid effects of temperature on larval respiration have implications for studies of the effects of climate change on coral reproduction, particularly when seawater temperature exceeds ∼28°C, when our results predict that larval respiration will be greatly reduced.

Investigation - What Factors Affect Cellular Respiration?

Because of its profound effects on the rates of biological processes such as aerobic metabolism, environmental temperature plays an important role in shaping the distribution and abundance of species.

As temperature increases, the rate of metabolism increases and then rapidly declines at higher. Cellular respiration is a process all living organisms alike undergo, whether its aerobic or anaerobic.

Organisms obtain food from their outside environment and use it to harvest energy. With cellular respiration, growth and development is possible. As respiration is an enzyme-catalyzed process, its rate is highly dependent on environmental temperature and increases sharply with increases in temperature in the biological range of 0°C to 40°C.

Although the process appears complex, the basic patterns can be described in simple terms as outlined in Figure Objective: The purpose of this lab was to observe and analyse the process of Aerobic Cellular Respiration, and the effects that an increase in temperature has on the rate of consumption of O2.

Measuring Respiration of Germinating and Non-germinating Peas

The experiment was done same way twice with the exception of a change in temperature.

An observation and analysis of the aerobic cellular respiration process and the effects of temperatu
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