Differences between laptop and netbook

However, websites like eBay often offer the widest selection of laptops and netbooks of any retailer. It weighed 5 pounds. The need to have computing power at all times have driven the need for smaller and more powerful computers.

There are already netbooks that sport a touch screen interface that allows for easier drawing and notetaking compared to a laptop.

There are, however, some general guidelines we can use.

Laptops and Notebooks - What is the Difference?

The smaller the netbook, the shorter its battery life is likely to be. What is a Laptop Computer? It was laptop size but weighed under 5 pounds. Solid state drives are similar in nature to storage devices such as USB. The laptop was typically two to three times the thickness of the notebook.

Those using netbooks really do not need a CD or a DVD drive and removing such a drive meant that netbooks could be made lighter and smaller.

Since netbooks are designed to serve basic functions and do not need to impress with their graphics or hardware, manufacturers can use simple designs, small screens, and hardware with minimal requirements for a streamlined, low-cost machine.

Input Options Laptops and netbooks offer a variety of input options, both for user controls and for input such as files and programs. Notebook computers typically weigh less than six pounds and are small enough to fit easily in a briefcase.

It weighed 14 pounds.

Difference Between Laptop and Netbook

Netbooks are also much thinner than most laptops, with the exception of the ultra-thin MacBook Air laptop. The added lightness is due in part to the smaller hard drive and other components used in netbooks. This limits users to whatever they can download from the Internet or upload via USB flash drive.

These drives can be plugged in via USB port, but since the USB ports on a netbook are limited, users may find themselves using all of their available ports to run the external optical drive. The hard drive reads the data from these platters.

This is because the notebook style of portable computers was for mobility, not portability. Gateway, Sharp, Sony, NEC, IBM, Fujitsu, and others all used notebook to describe products, while Dell remained one of a few manufacturers who use the term laptop on its Web site to market their mobile computing systems.

A laptop is a small, portable computer -- small enough that it can sit on your lap. The primary difference between a netbook and a laptop is the price. Buying a Laptop or Netbook on eBay Many brick and mortar stores sell a limited selection of netbooks and laptops, and you will likely be able to find a wider selection in stores that specialize in electronics.

Today, the difference between a laptop and notebook is mainly what the manufacturer chooses to call its product. However, all this power in a small package is expensive. Is there really a difference between a laptop and notebook computer? What is a Laptop Computer?

Gaming laptops can also be on the large side -- Toshiba's Qosmio X weighs 9 pounds and has a inch As laptop technology evolves, manufacturers are able to pack more power into a smaller package. For portability, it operates on battery that can be charged to let the user work on the laptop for many hours continuously.

Laptops and Notebooks - What is the Difference?

The added lightness is due in part to the smaller hard drive and other components used in netbooks. Netbooks, on the other hand, sometimes come with as little as 16GB of hard drive space. Since so many factors affect battery life, buyers should check reviews of the laptops or netbooks that they are considering to find out what other users have discovered about the actual battery life of their machines.

They have the same CPUs, memory capacity and disk drives.

Difference Between Laptop and Notebook computer

Netbooks, on the other hand, sometimes come with as little as 16GB of hard drive space. Nowadays, laptop computers are more frequently called notebook computers, though technically laptops are somewhat larger in size than notebooks, in both thickness and weight. Laptops and netbooks should be stored in durable cases with cushioned compartments, and users should avoid dropping them or even setting them down with too much force.

A hard drive contains layers of rotating, circular platters made of glass or aluminum and covered with a sensitive magnetic coating. The key pieces of hardware for which this difference is most noticeable are the hard drive, the processor, and the battery.

For example, HP offered a selection of "Performance Notebooks," starting at 6. But how do you know if you need a laptop or a netbook. They do not require spinning magnetic platters commonly found in hard drives, which is why netbooks are so small and ultra lightweight.

The less powerful processor of the netbook also aids the netbook since it guzzles less electricty than the power hungry laptop.Laptop computers, notebooks and netbooks use the same basic form factor -- the main differentiator is size. That form factor is a computer with two main parts: a screen and a ­keyboard attached by hinges.

Two major differences between current laptops and notebooks are found in battery life and weight: notebooks tend to have a much longer battery life (ranging. With the multitude of mobile electronic devices available today, terms like laptop, notebook, netbook, and tablet may become confusing to some users.

While most consumers would recognize the value of a portable computer such as a laptop or netbook, they may be uncertain about the differences. Difference Between Laptop and Notebook computer • Categorized under Objects, Technology | Difference Between Laptop and Notebook computer Although laptops and notebooks have very similar traits such as they are both portable and you can take them anywhere, there are some differences between both of them.

Differences between Netbook and Laptop • Optical drive is what makes laptops heavier and costlier. Most of the netbooks lack an optical drive. Differences in features and hardware. Portable computers like laptops and notebooks have been in the market for quite sometime.

The new entrant, netbook, has now revolutionized the industry. Gone are the days of carrying a large and heavy laptop around.

Differences between laptop and netbook
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