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While Southern Pacific's properties were being expanded under the guidance of Huntington, the Union Pacific system which joined SP at Ogden had developed to a strong position under the direction of E. The auspicious beginnings were but mere gestures, for neither group could go far without the federal aid authorized by Congress in July, Huntington was the last survivor of the quartet of Sacramento merchants whose courage and sagacity had created the western portions of the nation's first transcontinental rail routes, and who were to become immortal in the annals of western achievement.

There was a clamor for more men, and because of the scarcity of white labor, Crocker experimented with Chinese laborers. Building continued through Los Gatos service begun June 1, to a connection near Big Trees with the eight-mile Santa Cruz and Felton line, which had been independently built and in operation to "Old" Felton since October,and which was acquired by the Davis-Fair interests.

Freight trains were shortened so as to move on passenger train schedules. Over persons were given free care at the company's hospital.

Numerous projects conceived by him were advanced beyond the preliminary blueprint stage by his engineers, under Chief Engineer William Hood.

In June,the Southern Pacific Railroad Company of Mexico was incorporated to carry on the work, and on February 5,through service was begun over the new mile line between Empalme and Tepic.


These companies formally came under management and operation of the owners of the Central Pacific just prior to the completion of the Sunset Route, and control was later transferred to the Southern Pacific. All the company's shed facilities were offered to the homeless.

Government Suits The Sherman Anti-Trust edson expediting services inc of was the basis of two suits, the government contending that Union Pacific's control of Southern Pacific through stock ownership was in violation of the law, and also that Southern Pacific's control of' Central Pacific was illegal.

Six tunnels in the Santa Lucia mountains and a spectacular horseshoe curve were required before the line was opened into San Luis Obispo on May 5, Yuma was the railroad terminus for more than a year.

Summit of the Siskiyous was crossed at an elevation of 4, feet. The first locomotive poked its nose over the California-Nevada state line on December 13,and by the end of the year there remained only a seven-mile gap of difficult construction over the Sierra Summit at an elevation of 7, feet, and on the ridges above Donner Lake, to link the Truckee work into a through line.

Only a few of the major - projects can be reviewed in this sketch. Probably the most expensive construction per-mile was the approximate ten miles of the Bayshore cut-off between San Francisco and San Bruno which was completed at a cost of nearly a million dollars a mile to replace the old main line built in through the hills south of San Francisco.

Principal officers of the new company, elected with President Stanford at the first stockholders' meeting on April 8,included: April 28,was the day.

Edson Expediting Services Inc

In the mountainous country southeast of El Paso there was but one logical route for a railroad into the valley of the Rio Grande. The builders soon faced serious financial difficulties. Shipping Receipt " dated August 6, Again the forces were transferred to the Truckee region.

The new route relegated to a branch line the historic pioneer line around the north end of the lake through Promontory, where the memorable Last Spike was driven. Working conditions were difficult at all times, but the severe winters of and called for superhuman courage to keep things going.

Builders Young Men Stanford, 36 years old when first steps were taken in November,to organize a railroad company, was a dealer in groceries and provisions; Crocker, 38, had a dry goods store; Huntington, 39, and Hopkins, 47, were partners in a hardware establishment.

HuntingtonCharles Crocker and Mark Hopkins. The first rail was laid in Sacramento on October 26, ; the first locomotive, " Governor Stanford ," went into service November 10, ; and the first 31 miles of railroad was in operation to Newcastle on June 10,when the first timetable was published four days premature announcing regular passenger and freight service.

The laurel tie used in the Last Spike ceremony was destroyed in the San Francisco fire of ; the silver hammer and sledge are at Palo Alto, Calif. In addition to the new lines and acquisitions already mentioned, numerous short fines were completed or under construction on the Atlantic System east of El Paso, as well as throughout the western states.

The government's suit to force SP to sell all its stock in the pioneer Central Pacific was begun February 11, The first suit involving the Union Pacific-Southern Pacific was begun February 1,and in reversing a lower court's decision, the U.

The first company to lay its rails through the pass would have undisputed right-of-way from Sierra Blanca to El Paso. Early the following year a line was opened from Benicia to connect at Suisun with the pioneer California Pacific's railroad from South Vallejo to Sacramento to be described later and on December 28,the car-transfer steamer " Solano ," largest ferry boat in the world, began the transfer of trains across Carquinez Straits between Port Costa and Benicia to provide a shorter main line between Sacramento and the San Francisco bay cities.

A growing sentiment in the West and East favored a railroad that would bind the nation closer together. Clement was appointed first assistant chief engineer] with J.

Texas and Louisiana Lines Southern Pacific's present-day network of 4, miles of lines in Texas and Louisiana represents the consolidation of numerous separate companies, two of which had portions of their lines in operation long before either the Central Pacific or Southern Pacific were organized in California.

Edson Expediting Service Inc

The benefits of a transcontinental railroad, it seems, should have been obvious to all thinking men, but the idea took root only gradually and met with strenuous opposition. Three years passed before the Santa Susana mountains south of Santa Barbara were pierced by three tunnels, one at Chatsworth being nearly a mile and a half long.

There was delay in getting military authority to lay tracks across the Yuma Indian reservation, and it was September 30 that year before the bridge was completed so trains could operate into Yuma, a village known as Arizona City prior to Silver Palace Sleepers Construction of the line had progressed so rapidly that Central Pacific was not equipped with sleeping cars during the first weeks of operation.

Connection was made there with the Southwest's historic stage coach and freighting lines, first of which were the Southern Overland Mail opened in Julyover a route from San Antonio to San Diego, and the Butterfield Stages on a route from San Francisco to Tipton, Mo.Northern Saskatchewan Expediting, HotShot Service and Camp Construction Related Business Turnkey Operation includes all Equipment and Land.

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Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum - Photographs, stereoviews, engravings, maps, and documents illustrating the history of the first transcontinental railroad. recent and featured businesses, homes, farms, acreages, restaurants, hotels and more, for sale by owner.

The New York City Police Commissioner is the head of the New York City Police ltgov2018.com Commissioner is appointed by the Mayor, and serves at the Mayor's pleasure. The Commissioner is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the department as well as the appointment of deputies and subordinate officers.

Edson expediting services inc
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