Ernest everett justs biography and his contribution to physiology

Under this grant program he engaged in research as an adjunct researcher of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biology, Berlin-Dahlam, working under Professor Max Hartmann department. After submitting his report on the zoology department, Just returned to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut in the spring of Just helped out by working in the fields after school.

Just, a zoologist who specialized in cytology the study of the cellis best know for his contributions to marine biology.


From the time of the earliest recorded information on his life, Just distinguished himself as an unusually intelligent and talented student and researcher. He was financially able to enroll in the school after only four weeks of working in the city. He returned to Europe in to work at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut in Berlin, Germany, where he studied a new species, Amoeba proteus, a unicellular freshwater organism, to test his theory that cortical, or ectoplasmic, behavior—the function of the outer layer of an organism or cell—was the key to all problems in biology.

Immediately after graduation from Dartmouth, Just began teaching at Howard University, the premiere U. Inspired by Patten, who was an esteemed scientist specializing in evolution, Just decided to major in science with a concentration in biology.

Then, inhe became the first American to be invited to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin-DahlemGermanywhere several Nobel Prize winners carried out research. His work at the laboratory, which continued throughwould earn him international acclaim.

Ernest Everett Just

His work on the subjects of fertilization, experimental parthenogenesis, hydration, cell division, dehydration in living cells, the effect of ultra violet rays in increasing chromosome number in animals and in altering the organization of the egg with special reference to polarity.

Little is known of his early life. By his senior year, Just was performing brilliantly. Sources A brilliant marine biologist who made numerous significant discoveries concerning cell behavior, Ernest Everett Just faced many obstacles in his career because of racial prejudice.

Through the meticulous research he conducted there, Just became known as a leading authority on the embryology of marine animals. Touchstone1st Touchstone ed. He and his second wife, a German biologist, fled France in after being interned in a prison camp by the Nazis. Despite his professional achievements, Dr.

Omega Psi Phi was the first black Greek letter fraternity founded at a historically black university. Graduating inhe was the only magna cum laude designee, and received honors in botany and sociology as well as special honors in botany and history. Spending the to school year at the University of Chicago, Just took basic physiology classes to satisfy his minor subject requirements.

Howard University, Washington DC,began as assistant professor, became professor of physiology and biology. He graduated with a B.

Little is known of his early life. He prepared for college at Kimball Hall Academy, New Hampshire, where he completed the four-year course of study in only three years. He received special honors in zoology and history and was the only magna cum laude graduate in his class.

Ernest E. Just

Frank Lillie, director of the Marine Biological Laboratory. Inhe helped a group of students there form the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and became its first honorary member. From the time he was a young adult to the end of his life, Just was an outstanding student and academician.

His published work on the fertilization reaction in Echinarachnius parma established Just as an outstanding scientist. After completing his doctorate, Just published 50 scientific papers and two influential books, Basic Methods for Experiments on Eggs of Marine Mammals and Biology of the Cell Surface He kept his new secret to himself for a month before telling his mother because he felt she had hurt him with her unreasonable expectations.

If we are to judge his value to Negro education by what he has accomplished in the realm of science, it can be said that to Negro youth especially, he demonstrates the possibility of human achievement regardless of race or color. He also registered for A.

At age 17, Ernest Just left home to pursue better educational opportunities in the North. Believing that he would receive a superior education by attending a college preparatory school in the North, Just enrolled in Kimball Union Academy in New Hampshire in His first wife, Ethel, whom he divorced, and their children faded out of his life.Ernest Everett Just May 22nd, | By BHS | Category: Science & Invention.

– Ernest Just was an internationally acknowledged authority in the fields of fertilization and egg development. A true scientist’s scientist, he devoted his life to expanding the bounds of knowledge and understanding.


while also teaching in the. The biology of the cell surface [Ernest Everett Just] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book was originally published prior toand represents a 5/5(2).

Ernest Everett Just was an early twentieth century American experimental embryologist involved in research at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) at Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and the Stazione Zoologica in Naples, Italy. Unless otherwise indicated, the source of the material in this sketch is Ken Manning's excellent and meticulously researched biography of Just, Black Apollo of Science: The Life of Ernest Everett Just (New York: Oxford University Press, ).

Just, Ernest Everett () was an internationally known American biologist, zoologist, and physiologist who made major contributions to the field of biology through his pioneering research into fertilization, experimental parthenogenesis, and cell physiology.

>University of Chicago, Ph.D., Childhood/Family Facts: Ernest Everett Just was born on August 14, in Charleston, South Carolina, to parents Mary Matthews Just and Charles Frazier Just Jr.

Just was the oldest of his three siblings, Vivian, Hunter, and Mary Just.

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In Just’s early years, he had a tough childhood growing up.

Ernest everett justs biography and his contribution to physiology
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