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Foreign universities are collaborating for research, but are hesitant to set up campuses in India because the Indian government regulations restrict aspects of administration including fees, salary and research grant. A new policy in India also permits ease of approval for equity investment in India with the proviso that such transactions are made in priority industries, of which there are Certainly, there is no instant solution for the drawbacks in our education system … as the flaws are deep-rooted.

These priority industries in India are believed to be the drivers of foreign investment in India, but are also opening many investors up to the complicated system of tax India contends with. Some foreign investors believe that investment in India has too many constraints and Foreign universities in india not even consider to invest India at all.

The Foreign system has good technology and their applications whether we have a sharp brain. Once the data is provided, students will have the opportunity to upload their transcripts in form on images and later can apply for the college.

The Centre can withdraw the recognition and rescind the notification of a foreign education provider on the grounds of violation of the provisions of the proposed legislation or the University Grants Commission Act,or any other law. The universities cannot ensure complete autonomy from sociopolitical influences.

Even we do have very good university here. Sep 21, Hi, Friends. Results all students when to neighbouring States and studied.

Allow foreign university campuses, says Niti Aayog

Once registered they will have multiple options of courses and colleges. Being the complete opposite in India. Hari Singh Gour University.

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We are independent and democratic and should try to be so practically!!! Here is a clear comparison between Indian education and foreign education. Apr 24, I accept all of your opinion.

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Those who studied abroad will know what I am talking about. More thanstudents are currently studying in schools in the U.

Foreign universities in India: Dollar education in rupees

Archived from the original on 2 September This issue is also one of the discussion points for the new education policy which will be unveiled this year. Due to a regulatory regime or policy, it has been difficult to make a meaningful assessment of the operations of foreign educational institutions.

Like wise I think the basic standard of our Indian university will be elevated. Students move abroad and start working part-time along with their studies- to earn in the respective currency and soon get the citizenship over there.

India to Foreign Colleges: Set Up Campus Here

May 14, Rather to bring foreign university, we can adopt their methodology here to improve our universities strength. The research facilities will be provided to the students interested.

Retrieved 20 July But if that can be done, many more Indian students may just stay at home to study. The Bill provided that a foreign educational institution shall not impart education in India unless it is recognised and notified by the Central government as a foreign education provider under the proposed legislation.

Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked NITI Aayog to study all reports regarding setting up of foreign universities and the reasons on why it could not move forward.

Whiz kids across the country with the financial means have left for highly regarded global universities to study. Apr 19, Why do western universities and the colleges under the universities perform better than our Indian universities?

These is one of the advantage. Feb 16, We Indian people are always crazy to know about foreign culture and always try to adopt their culture in us. They should have the freedom that they are entitled to under the national laws because we are changing the structure of our laws.

If foreign universities come here than they will use our intelligence in their countries.

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Our government can encourage foreign institute but at the same time it should have control on this otherwise the cost of the education will increase and it will become very difficult for the poor people.

Investment in Indian joint ventures by foreign investors is also a growing area, but FDI India is not permitted in certain industrial sectors such as arms and ammunition, railways, iron mining and coal mining — to name a few. Please Think Change Nothing More.

Apr 27, In my opinion allowing foreign universities in India is a very good thing because there the education system is different and they have very good technical equipments. We want to regulate these to ensure that quality institutions come in.

Different technology and individual training etc.Foreign Universities in India 3 Huge untapped opportunity for foreign educators India has the third largest higher education system in the. Ajit Kumar Das said: (Sep 10, ): Hello, everyone, my topic is foreign universities in India.

I want to say that our country is very good in the education system but some of different from foreign universities. Foreign universities are collaborating for research, but are hesitant to set up campuses in India because the Indian government regulations restrict aspects of administration including fees, salary and research grant.

Foreign Universities Campus in India: Recent years have witnessed an increasing trend of foreign universities opening campuses in India. With the Ministry of Human Resources and UGC opening up the gates for foreign university campuses in India, we can expect many more institutes coming to the country.

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Foreign universities in india
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