How tourism promote culture of peace essay

The Government is willing to support the cooperatives who desire to come up in the field of tourism by providing them assistance in infrastructural development.

The plan should incorporate the locals to its gain by training and employing them and in the process encourage them to participate to the travel business. Tourism initiatives providing eco friendly clean environment with emphasis on sustainable development promote peace.

Successful Model of Cooperative Diversification in Tourism Eco tourism is a dominant plank of tourism strategies of any country. Besides the business and support from cooperative organizations, its professional services has led to increasing business with non-cooperative organizations.

The cooperatives can not only acquaint the foreign tourists with rich culture of the region, but they can also understand their urge to participate in and experience the local culture closely.

Overall the theory advocates for global partnerships through eliminating all forms of violence rather than an imposition of a system from developed countries to developing countries [17]. The principles and values of cooperatives are the best guidelines to create a sustainable and peaceful world.

Tourism plays a significant role in Nepal. It provides recommendations to the different stakeholders in the tourism industry on how they might contribute to the minimization of tourism congestion. The initiative was inaugurated by the World Tourism Organization, in collaboration with UNCTAD in order to develop sustainable tourism as a force for poverty alleviation.

Tourism, a catalyst for peace and development

In this respect, an example of Manchester based workers cooperative practicing ethical tourism is worth mentioning. Cooperative Contribution to Peace: To tone down the negative effects and promote tourism as a sustainable industry, there are three main sectors that should be functioning and coordinated together.

A conducive climate for foreign investment has been created. The government has identified Rural Tourism as one of the thrust areas. Another package could include specialty meals at a local award-winning restaurant or visits to the local winery, brewery or museums; the deal you put together all depends on the local attractions your area has to offer.

In the tourism world, differences play the most essential role, differences among people represents the added-value.

How to Successfully Promote Tourism

The government has identified Rural Tourism as one of the thrust areas. The cooperatives have a strategic advantage over other organizations in this respect.

Tourism, a catalyst for peace and development

Structural prevention focuses on preventing the development or worsening of the underlying causes of conflict. Finally, foreign stakeholders should support local initiatives through investment or provide necessary support that is required for the qualitative growth of the tourism industry [19].

Tourism as an effective strategy to promote peace has not been discussed or debated despite tourism sector remaining in prominence in the recent years. In this regard, Member States also stress the importance of establishing, guidelines and regulations, in accordance with national priorities and legislation for promoting and supporting sustainable tourism.How you successfully promote tourism begins with what your business or local community has to offer visitors.

Governments can use tourism as a political leverage to either promote tourism with friendly countries or restrict tourism with hostile countries by controlling the movement of tourists and the opportunities to have people-to people contacts.

Cultural tourism

1 PEACE-TOURISM AS A COMPONENT OF PEACEBUILDING PROCESS "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness" (Mark Twain) Rajib Timalsina Abstract This paper examines the importance of tourism for sustainable peace as sustainable peace and development are essential element for peacebuilding process.

Mahatma Gandhi Does tourism promote culture of peace? The tourism has become the important industry in the developing countries for the economic development. The tourism has become the important industry in the developing countries for the economic development.

Cultural Heritage

For promoting the culture of peace in the world, it is an urgent need to take the suggested steps mentioned below: •As mentioned above, the first important step would be creating awareness among the youth, common people.

The above mentioned features are intrinsic, inherent and can be found in the practice of tourism. Tourism has been emphasized as one of the most effective instruments which continue to tackle to tackle social and economical poverty, as well as encourage the culture of peace practice amongst people.

How tourism promote culture of peace essay
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