Project closure

Review the full course description and key learning outcomes and create an account and enrol if you want a free statement of Project closure. As Project Manager, you deliver the good news to your Project Team and congratulate them on a job well done I recommend sending a letter, not an email, to their individual supervisors describing the value of their contribution to a successful project and recommending a favorable review and reward.

Upon the end of implementation phase, preliminary acceptance of the project result is accomplished; yet minor items may still be open, summarized on a list of open points, LOP sometimes also referred to Project closure list of open items.

The next stage is to identify the extent to which the project has Project closure to the management processes as set out in the Terms of Reference during the Execution phase of the project. Punch Lists and Performance Tests If a vendor is providing a service or building something for the project, there are usually items that must be fixed or mistakes that must be corrected before the contract is complete.

The team explores the changes in the complexity level during the life of the project and how the team managed the complexity during the life of the project.

List any project failures and describe the effects they have had on the customer's business. Project Closure Step 6: The following are documents that are typically archived: You should prepare and distribute a detailed questionnaire for feedback on the project approximately weeks prior to initiating project closure.

Describe the lessons learned from undertaking this project and list any recommendations for similar projects in the future. What is the objective of the project closure phase? In case we have to pursue arbitration or court procedures we can try to cut these open issues from the remainder of the project in order to enable a formal completion of the project.

Project Closure — Whether your 1st or 21st project, successful completion involves a few important steps Hand-off completed product Once the project is completed, the product of the project is handed over for the use of the end customer.

Typically, this letter should go into their personnel file. Project closure activities ensure the product you created meets project requirements. Senior Management The report to senior management contains all the information provided to the stakeholders in a short executive summary.

Deviated from the budgeted project expenditure as defined in the Financial Plan? If the manager of the project moves on to another assignment before all these tasks are complete, a list showing appropriate responsibilities will provide a framework for effective completion.

The team determines which problems might have been foreseen and mitigated and which ones could not have been reasonably predicted.

Project Closure Processes

During this meeting, the stakeholder have reviewed the end-user acceptance and confirmed that you and your project team have satisfied the project objectives.From this Project Closure page go to Project Planning – effective Project Planning is the foundation to successfully complete your project.

Go to Project Execution for more information on managing the project to completion. Project documents are usually archived so that they can be referred to if the organization takes on a similar project where the experience gained and the lessons learned in the current project would prove useful.

A carefully structured project closure phase should ensure that the project is brought to a controlled end, which in practice means that. Project Closure Phase. The Project Closure Phase is the fourth and last phase in the project life this phase, you will formally close your project and then report its overall level of success to your sponsor.

Project Closure Phase

Project Closure involves handing over the deliverables to your customer, passing the documentation to the business, cancelling. Overview. Project management consists of five process groups, namely initiating, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and project closure phase consists of the processes that are performed to officially finish and close all the assignments in a project or phase.

Project Closure. Visit Audio Recordings for the audio version of this section. LEARNING OBJECTIVES. Describe the procedures for closing out contracts.

What Are the Most Important Project Closure Activities?

Describe the elements and purpose of the post-project review process. Identify the types of documents that should be archived. From this Project Closure page go to Project Planning – effective Project Planning is the foundation to successfully complete your project.

Go to Project Execution for more information on managing the project to completion.

Project closure
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