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The ex-husband of Barbara Bush-basher Prof. The net effect was to make colleges responsible not so much for education, but more for shielding now-fragile youth from the supposed reactionary forces that would buffet them after graduation.

A Georgia middle school teacher's rant about President Trump forced the school district to respond to an "extremely unfortunate" incident that was brought to light by a student. The Freedom Center's new pamphlet documents how the Left is subverting our students' education[. Christopher Michael Langan has been called the "smartest man in the world" for having an IQ said to be anywhere from to And certainly worse than Barack Obama, who correspondingly rose to the top ten in the same estimation of the same political scientists.


That is where the Kavanaugh mob was trained. Objection to the ideas or indoctrination of 'See You ta The Pole' events are so yesterday.

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The Standards Institute helps them fulfill that job requirement. This textbook apparently teaches that President Trump is mentally ill and his supporters, along with all white people, are racists.

Sadly, there was by then nothing remarkable in this demand.

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The San Francisco school board's new president broke with protocol Tuesday night by deciding to skip the Pledge of Allegiance before a meeting, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Rather, the anti-gun demonstrations were condoned, if not sponsored, by school administrations that are almost universally liberal. On the one hand, campuses competed for scarcer students by styling themselves as Club Med-type resorts with costly upscale dorms, tony student-union centers, lavish gyms, and an array of in loco parentis social services.

Their generational long march succeeded, possibly beyond their wildest expectations. Marcus was not confirmed out of the Senate HELP committee until last month on a party line vote and now awaits confirmation before the entire body.

Kinda like this glossary. In those interactions, the energy gained by electrons in the solid is often sufficient to ionize them; the electrons thus ionized are called secondary electrons SE.

After bringing us the Iran deal, Obamacare, the one-way love-fest with Castro, the unmaskings, the IRS targeting of dissidents, the global apology tour, the SEIU thugcraft, the politicization of the Department of Justice, and Ben Rhodes, he's top ten! It also featured tests, and if students failed to answer in politically correct fashion, teachers took points away.

In reviewing this submission, it was also noted that the wording in section EX 9 1 c and d in both the Income Tax Act and the Income Tax Act mirrored the wording in section EX 5 1 c and d. Many "educators" today sadly have become indoctrinators.

For example, if the FIF interest is a shareholding in a foreign company, the cost of an increase in the shareholding made on behalf of the owner of the FIF interest should be included in the value of that cost. Profs at top schools are 'overwhelmingly Democratic'.

March for Our Lives and the school walkout isn't about gun violence; it's about indoctrination.Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan.

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Rewrite Advisory Panel

Fake News Papers Fake News Videos. A Few Abbreviations. And Business Day Becomes Business. On Monday, Nov. 12, The New York Times’s Business Day section will become, simply, Business. Readers of Business will continue to find deeply reported journalism about the transformation of business and the economy, as.

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Rewrite advisory panel crossword
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